The Baby Belly Belt™

The Baby Belly Belt™ is an adjustable pelvic support belt for pregnant women that outperforms others because it provides support precisely where you need it.

Berton Chiropractic and Acupuncture Clinic is pleased to be the first and only to offer the patented Baby Belly Belt™ in the Tecumseh, Ontario area.

The creator of the Baby Belly Belt™, physiotherapist Diane Lee, has over 35 years of clinical experience working with women before, during and after pregnancy. Her numerous achievements include being honoured with the prestigious Golden Hands Award by The Canadian Physiotherapy Association Orthopaedic Division.

This unique support belt designed for pregnancy and beyond is the outcome of her extensive clinical experience.

There are many maternity belts on the market, why choose this one?

Every women needs support but not necessarily in the same place, therefore an adaptable (and adjustable) belt is essential. The patented design of the side elastic straps is unique to this belt and allows the Baby Belly Belt™ to out-perform others by providing support PRECISELY where you need it.

Why do many women require support during and after their pregnancies?

Almost 50% of all women will experience pain in their low back or pelvic region at some point in their pregnancy. While there are many causes for this, two common ones are loss of support from the expanding abdomen and laxity of the joints of the pelvis (sacroiliac and/or pubic symphysis).

Many maternity belts only support one part of the pelvis; either the front or the back or just generally squeeze the entire pelvic ring.

The Baby Belly Belt™ is capable of providing support exactly where you need it, for some this is in the front (pubic symphysis and low belly) and for others this is in the back (sacroiliac joints and low back).

Where you need support can change as your pregnancy advances, in some months you will find you need help at the front and in others at the back of your pelvis.

The Baby Belly Belt™ is covered by health insurance plans. Contact Berton Physiotherapy & Chiropractic

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